Scott J Seiler


Scott has been solving problems and serving people since grade school, when he began working alongside his father in the family business. “I learned by watching and absorbing lessons about how to treat people and assist with their needs. Now, after years of experience in the business world, Jon and I can drill down and spot practical and legal problems in a transaction, organization or corporate structure that others simply don’t see.”
His experience as a trial lawyer provides the basis for his practice philosophy. “I know what it’s like for a client to deal with litigation and the court room. Sometimes it’s necessary and in such cases we advocate zealously. But, for the most part, we have been able to help our clients establish and implement policies and procedures that keep them out of harm’s way.”


Scott has created a niche representing business organizations regularly in need of legal assistance, serving as “on demand” counsel. From business start-up and organizational matters, to terminations and succession planning, Scott partners with clients on every aspect of their legal needs. “I play the role of generalist, with a focus on corporate and business transactions, employment law (for employers), real estate, and creditor/debtor matters. I also troubleshoot and serve as watchdog, taking on tasks such as managing litigation across the country, hiring lobbyists when needed, and consulting at board meetings for companies of all sizes.”


Scott’s interests extend beyond legal matters. He provides insight and direction as a member of the Sholom Community Alliance Board of Directors, where he sits on the Budget & Finance and Human Resource committees, and as a member of the General Counsel of AISH, Minnesota.

Serving clients and the community is Scott’s second passion. His first is spending time with his brilliant and beautiful wife and tremendous cadre of children. And, if there’s time left, he enjoys skiing with his kids, Bulldog and Wild hockey, historical fiction, philosophy, theology, and bothering the family with his eclectic music tastes.