POLICY AND PROCEDURE HANDBOOKS – A comprehensive employee handbook, complete with up to date ADA, FMLA, ADEA, WARN, WBPA,EEOC, FLSA (wages, hours and overtime), Title VII, MNHRA, offensive behavior, sexual harassment, disciplinary and benefits policies can serve as an essential component to protect employers from claims, lawsuits and punitive damages; and may also reduce business insurance premiums.

At SeilerSchindel, we create state-of-the-art custom handbooks, tailoring the policies to account for your company’s organizational structure, past experiences, current needs, and future goals. We compliment the handbook with effective managerial and employee training.

Our staff will help your management team learn to interpret, implement and enforce your policies, while your employees will benefit from an understanding of the company’s disciplinary, benefits and grievance procedures. Once trained, each employee undertakes a degree of responsibility for complying with the policies, which in turn may protect you and your company from liability related to certain harassment claims.